New Frontier Technologies is a new breed of System Integration company.  We merge field level automation with corporate level data expertise – where operations meets IT.  New Frontier Technologies bridges the gap. We work with you to make your company produce more product, operate more efficiently, and ultimately we do this safely and securely.

New Frontier Technologies is built with a staff of highly experienced hands-on people that bring more than technology to every project.  Our decades of system design and development of OT and IT applications, along with field time delivering those solutions makes our team unique.  We are able to apply our wide breadth of experience and expertise to help you solve the toughest of problems and we do this knowing how all of the components work together. 

If you are looking for a real partner that can deliver operational and technical knowledge about your process then New Frontier Technologies is here to help. 

Headquartered in the Kansas City metro area, New Frontier Technologies is located in Lenexa, Kansas.