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Food and Beverage

New Frontier Technologies delivers software and hardware applications that help Food and Beverage companies meet consumer demand.

Fresher products, more variety, and around-the-clock demanding consumers have put today’s Food and Beverage companies at the forefront with the need to adapt to change.  Specialty skid manufacturers can deliver one of many pieces to this puzzle and you are left to understand the technical nuances for each.  Profit margin make your company grow but the smallest of mistakes and you are suddenly left looking for answers – what went wrong and how can we avoid this going forward.  All of these daily issues and more leave Plant floor managers and company executives asking for answers. 

New Frontier Technologies has the experience.  We can help your organization resolve those issues with our proven Project Management methodologies and a highly skilled staff of industry experts.  We can apply our technical knowledge to support your effort on stand-alone equipment.  Our decades of system-wide solution design can also help your organization take advantage of Plant SCADA.  No more tweaking and adjusting each and every stand-alone skid just to keep the conveyors moving.  We can help you design a solution pulls all of your “islands of automation” into a cohesive system that operates together. 

So, if you are looking for a someone that will design and deliver a solution to meet your demanding requirements, New Frontier Technologies is your partner.

Technical Services:

  • Control System Definition

  • Network Planning and Design

  • Database/Reports Definition

  • Project and Site Management

  • Instrumentation and Electrical Services

  • Software Programming

  • HMI Configuration

  • Drafting Services

  • Panel/Enclosure Fabrication







Related Experience:

  • Bulk Material Handling

  • Clean In Place systems

  • Boiler system control

  • Batch Processing

  • Container Handling

  • Pasteurization and Homogenization

  • Weighing and metering

  • Wet and dry systems

  • Recipe management

  • Materials Execution System