Install, Commission, and Startup

Most users evaluate the overall cost of an automation system based primarily on the individual costs of hardware, software, and labor required to configure and test the system.

But, usually, the most expensive aspect of a new system is the cost associated with getting the new system installed and running.  A new system can be a significant interruption to existing production – requiring downtime and reducing efficiency as operations staff gets used to using something new.  For many of our clients, revenues associated with one day’s lost production will cover the hardware, software, and labor costs of multiple new automation systems.

NFT is accomplished at reducing the impact of system installation, commissioning, and startup.  NFT works with our clients to develop a clear training and cut-over plan that minimizes system outages and keeps production rolling.

Our team arrives on-site early – preparing local staff and any existing system(s) for cut-over.  We work from a “run-book” that establishes a task-by-task, down-to-the-minute schedule which we track in real-time. Our run-book defines specific fall-back decision points that accommodate the unexpected and ensure operational integrity. The end result is a new automation system that is up and running quickly.