Optimize Productivity

NFT aggregates and focuses real-time production data to create actionable business information. 

Automation systems control production processes in real-time using a concept called closed-loop control. An intelligent controller reads process inputs, applies a set of operational rules (control logic), and manipulates outputs to achieve a desired outcome.  These functions together form a closed control loop.  Control loops solve more quickly and have more accurate inputs which creates better outcomes.

NFT applies this closed-loop control concept to optimize productivity of industrial businesses.  In a business system, the intelligent controller is an employee making decisions about some part of the business.  If the employee has more accurate information that is readily available, faster and better decisions can be made, creating better outcomes.  

We work with customers to identify the important real-time input data that key employees need to optimize the performance of the overall business.  NFT delivers systems that present appropriate data simply, accurately, and frequently and measure the results that come from making better business decisions.