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Process Manufacturing

New Frontier Technologies provides automated solutions for the Process Manufacturing Industry.

Oil prices and innovation are driving factors in the evolution of products produced by chemical and petrochemical processing companies.  Today, these companies are expanding because of the demand for new products and, of course, increasing demand for more of the “same old” reliable products.  Other process manufacturing companies rely on different raw materials to build their various products.  Whether you are providing chemicals, petrochemicals or some other finished good which uses process manufacturing, you deal with the same types of issues.  The world is evolving and competition to build it better, faster and cheaper has never been so important.

New Frontier Technologies has decades of experience designing and delivering solutions that help processing companies compete.  Our proven Project Management methodologies and a highly skilled staff of industry experts make this happen.  We can help you apply new technology to increase output with less waste.  We can use our experience to help you apply programs that make decisions on raw material usage.  We will apply our expertise in developing standards so that when changes are made to meet demand they can be done so with minimal effort – and cost.  New Frontier Technologies can help you – we can give you the advantage.

Related Experience:

  • Production line modernization

  • Continuous line feed

  • Batch processing

  • Recipe management

  • Line efficiency improvements

  • Data mining and analysis

  • Order tracking

  • Material inventory control

  • SCADA monitoring

  • Conveyor and assembly line control

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems


Technical Services:

  • Control System Definition

  • Network Planning and Design

  • Database/Reports Definition

  • Project and Site Management

  • Instrumentation and Electrical Services

  • Software Programming

  • HMI Configuration

  • Drafting Services

  • Panel/Enclosure Fabrication