NFT specifies, designs, and implements SCADA systems. We work with nearly all of the commonly applied, off-the-shelf SCADA software suppliers to deliver systems that range in size from just a few to millions of field data points.

We specialize in Oil & Gas applications.  Our specialists have designed and delivered SCADA systems tailored specifically to meet the needs of pipeline operators that transport Crude Oil, Refined Products, Chemicals, Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), and Natural Gas.

Our team is experienced in all areas of the Oil & Gas supply chain: Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream.  We help operators evaluate and apply a variety of pipeline applications: Leak Detection, Scheduling/Optimization, Alarm Management, Nominations & Ticketing, Line Pack Monitoring, and Load Forecasting.

Our team also works with pipeline operators to document Control Room Management (CRM) practices and procedures.  NFT’s team identifies gaps between existing CRM practices and best practices. We identify and implement simple, straight-forward methods to rapidly move from current- to best-practice.