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Discrete Manufacturing

New Frontier Technologies provides solutions to Discrete Manufacturing companies that help them optimize processes and improve efficiency, resulting in more profit.

Since the beginning of time manufacturing companies have looked for ways to make more with less.  Competition is fierce and everyone needs an advantage.  Equipment is often designed for a single function.  In a plant where you have many of these stand alone islands of automation it can be a challenge to keep everything synchronized.  As in many industries workforce is shrinking and apprentice training is a concept of the past.  Operation’s management is faced with constant change in customer orders, more custom components to keep in inventory, and just-in-time delivery are a few of the challenges.  

New Frontier Technologies can help you meet these pressures and deliver as needed.  Our proven Project Management methodologies and a highly skilled staff of industry experts have seen these problems and we have solutions that will help. We can apply our technical knowledge and pull from our decades of experience as we work with your team to design solutions that solve those problems – we give you the advantage.

So, if you are looking for a someone that will design and deliver a solution to meet your demanding requirements, New Frontier Technologies is your partner.

Related Experience:

  • Production line modernization

  • Continuous line feed

  • Batch processing

  • Recipe management

  • Line efficiency improvements

  • Data mining and analysis

  • Order tracking

  • Material inventory control

  • SCADA monitoring

  • Conveyor and assembly line control

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

Technical Services:

  • Control System Definition

  • Network Planning and Design

  • Database/Reports Definition

  • Project and Site Management

  • Instrumentation and Electrical Services

  • Software Programming

  • HMI Configuration

  • Drafting Services

  • Panel/Enclosure Fabrication