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Industrial IT

NFT integrates Business and Operations Systems.

We help our clients separate themselves from their competitors by unlocking the actionable business information contained in their automation systems.

Every modern business depends on data.  Industrial businesses, in particular, depend upon accurate and secure real-time data for daily operations. Often, however, real-time data is not available to the IT applications that leaders use to make daily decisions about the business. NFT helps our clients bridge the gap between Operations and IT.

Some providers specialize in only the Information Technology (IT) sphere. Others are dedicated to working only with automation systems.  Our focus is at the place in our clients’ business where automation systems and IT systems can work together to dramatically improve profitability.

NFT enables secure, accurate, and reliable management of operational data.  We design robust industrial networks that improve response times, distribute information in real-time, and promote more informed decision making throughout an industrial enterprise.
With a special emphasis on Cyber Security for Industrial Automation Systems, NFT helps our clients deploy real-time and supervisory control (SCADA) systems that range in size from a few dozen unique operational data items to millions of items.