Smart LACT

NFT’s Smart LACT reduces the costs associated with maintaining crude oil Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) facilities.  And, Smart LACT improves the reliability of data generated at custody transfer sites.  

Smart LACT automates measurement record keeping associated with product loading and/or unloading.  Because it integrates a driver terminal, one skid automated with Smart LACT can support multiple leases – saving owners tens of thousands of dollars in up-front costs.

Smart LACT is flexible and extensible.  It is designed to operate either as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated part of a much larger measurement system.  Owners can add/modify/delete driver and product information in real-time – either locally at the driver terminal or remotely through a SCADA system.

Smart LACT controls pumps, valves, safety systems, and sampling systems.  In addition, Smart LACT monitors tank levels (with overfill protection), meter flow rate, temperature, pressure, API gravity, and BS&W contamination.

Smart LACT improves safety, reliability, and provides better data integrity all while reducing the cost of operating LACT facilities.